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Just a small update with icons and larger graphics mainly made in January :)

Captain America // Iron Man // Beth Turner [Moonlight]

Told you it was small!! But there will be lots more posted soon as I am taking part in ic0nfest - a great chance to put in a request and get loads of icons (just click the banner below to be taken to the community!)

  • Feel free to watch/join the community for updates
  • If you see something you like, please credit when using
  • Comments are always appreciated! ♥
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Welcome to afewmistakesago, the newest graphics journal of jelly_head91.

Why the change?
I have been trying to improve my graphic technique this past year, and I feel that I have come a long way; so I made the decision to break away from all of my old work (which can still be found at cutemoon).

Plus I really wanted to change my username ;)

So anyway, all entries will be public unless any issues arise, but feel free to watch and/or join to check out all the latest updates.